One week after the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep's brand new raid, the final boss in Garden of Salvation has already been beaten by only two players. The new Destiny 2 expansion, Shadowkeep released at the beginning of the month with the Garden of Salvation Raid released four days later on October 5.

Raids are Destiny's toughest PvE activity, designed as the pinnacle Endgame activity for a Fireteam of six players. Garden of Salvation is set in the famous Black Garden on Mars in a fight against the Vex, which ended up taking a little over six hours of playtime to be completed by the World's First team, Ascend.

While streaming on Twitch, popular Destiny 2 YouTuber and streamer, Gladd began a two-man fight against the final Raid boss, “Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent.” In order to defeat this particular Raid boss, players are required to shoot the two glowing red lights on the Sanctified Mind to open up a portal. The player must then jump through the portal to collect up to ten motes, and return to the arena to bank the motes which will start the damage phase.

Gladd and Chevy used a combination of Destiny 2's most powerful weapons including the Black Armory Exotic Sniper Rifle, Izanagi’s Burden, the Crucible pinnacle Submachine Gun, The Recluse, and the Gambit pinnacle Heavy Machine Gun called 21% Delerium. Last week, Gladd managed to complete the entire Garden of Salvation Raid in a Fireteam of only three players.

While these two certainly make the Garden of Salvation Raid looks easy, don't be fooled. Gladd is known for this kind of content and a highly regarded and skilled player in the community. Garden of Salvation is easily the toughest challenge in Destiny 2 right now and most players will need to spend a lot of time on builds and coordination to take down “Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent.”

Tomorrow, two new activities arrive in Destiny 2 for players to jump into. The first is a new Legend difficulty tier for Nightmare Hunts which will be exclusive to Shadowkeep owners, while the second is the launch of the new seasons Iron Banner, fit with a whole new quest and loot pool. The first Raid challenge for the Garden of Salvation Raid is due to release in early November.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A Google Stadia version is currently in development.