The Mysterious Box is a quest that grants the player an exotic weapon known as Izanagi's Burden, a high-powered sniper rifle that allows its wielder to sacrifice the weapon's magazine for a single, super shot. But for a little over a month now – since the release of the Shadowkeep expansion – one of the steps required to complete the quest has been plagued by a bug, making Izanagi unobtainable for some players. Earlier today, however, Bungie deployed a patch for Destiny 2 that should have rectified things.

The bug in question stopped players from obtaining the fourth and final Black Forge key necessary to open the mysterious box, which would grant a player a decryption device that they could trade in for Izanagi's frame. Typically, the player would receive the quest step for the final key by talking to NPC Ada-1, but the bug prevented the quest from materializing.

The Destiny 2 hotpatch should have this problem fixed, though. Not only should the quest materialize now, but the patch notes state that Bungie has made it so that any of the player's characters can pick up the quest step, not just the one who started it. Also, any player who happened to have all of the keys but still couldn't make the mysterious box open should have no trouble doing so now. The patch also fixes an issue that stopped players from obtaining quest progression on Obsidian Crystals, another item needed in the Mysterious Box quest. Sadly, players will need to reacquire and redo a Rare Black Armory bounty for this one.

destiny 2 izanagis burden quest fix

To reacquire a Rare Black Armory bounty, players will have to pick up Daily Black Armory bounties from Ada-1. The rare bounty has a chance of dropping whenever one of these dailies are completed and turned in. Unfortunately, there's no real guarantee that a rare bounty will drop, which leaves players in a position where they have to grind bounties all over again and hope for the best.

The fact that players have to redo the grind for rare bounties is a bummer. It already took over a month just to get the Izanagi's Burden quest up and running again. Still, the quest is fixed now, and the weapon is up for grabs. Since Destiny 2 is also already a grind-heavy game, maybe working up to another Rare Black Armory bounty won't be so bad.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie