Next week, Destiny 2 will kick off its annual Festival of the Lost event, a Halloween-themed celebration that typically uses the motifs of masks, candy, and hauntings to create an engaging gameplay loop. This year’s version of Festival of Lost will be somewhat familiar to those who participated last year, although there will be new cosmetics to collect and a unique weapon to farm.

The Haunted Forest will once again be the centerpiece of Festival of the Lost, allowing fireteams of three to run through as much of the procedurally generated area in 15 minutes. The further that Destiny 2 players get, the more candy they will earn.

Candy is then spent on mystery grab bags and the Braytech Werewolf legendary Auto Rifle. There will also be Festival of the Lost bounties to complete for chocolate Strange Coins, which can be spent on purchasing masks. This year’s selection of masks includes Eris Morn, The Drifter, a Vex Goblin, Calus, a Shadowkeep Hive, and Skolas.

Alongside the free Festival of the Lost collectibles, Destiny 2 players will have a selection of new Halloween-themed Eververse items to choose from. A new ship, a new sparrow, new ghost shells, and more will be available for Silver at the start of the event, and most should be available for Bright Dust on a weekly rotation.

Bungie doesn’t say which items might not be sold for Bright Dust, but it will be worth waiting. In Destiny 2 Year 3, Bungie has made it easier than ever to accumulate a small trove of Bright Dust to spend on cosmetics.

One of the marquee items for Festival of the Lost’s Eververse selection is the returning witch’s broomstick sparrow. Some may remember that the sparrow was included in Destiny 1 a few years back as a free, limited time reward and now it will be available to keep in Destiny 2.

As a free offering to Shadowkeep and Destiny: New Light owners, Festival of the Lost isn’t going to revolutionize the game, but it does offer a fun distraction. The auto rifle reward might be worth farming depending on its archetype and perk selection, but even then auto rifles are not a top tier weapon in the Season 8 meta.

The good news, though, is that Destiny 2 players also get a new dungeon on the same day that Festival of the Lost starts. So there will be new, challenging content available.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost runs from October 29 to November 19.