Destiny fever is far from dying down in the weeks since Shadowkeep dropped and marked the beginning of the new direction for the franchise. This excitement is best captured in community projects surrounding the game, such as fan art and the cosplay scene that graces conventions like Guardian Con and Dragon Con every year.

One prop maker has made a fan-favorite weapon from Destiny 2, complete with an in-game function recreated with stunning practical effects. The weapon in question is Cayde-6's famous Ace of Spades, which has been recreated with a "functional" Memento Mori effect that glows and smokes in a way that players will be all too familiar with.

Prop maker WardcoProps made the replica of the Ace of Spades, which players may recognize as the card-themed hand cannon that glows and billows smoke from the chamber whenever its Memento Mori perk activates. The prop version of this weapon is able to replicate the look of this special ability by utilizing LED lights as well as a few other tricks involving a vape pen to create the eerie mist that drifts off of the gun. However the effect is created, the results bring one of the best weapons for Crucible to life in a way that hasn't been seen in such detail before.

The prop was originally created for the 2019 Dragon Con, a popular convention for cosplayers in Atlanta that took place in early September and hosted a number of incredible outfits and props. Recently, WardcoProps shared his creation again through a Twitter post from the official Destiny account that was looking for the community to submit their fan art and similar projects. The original post contained many different examples of fan art, since there is never a shortage of the Destiny community's artwork and props, but it seems like this functional prop has risen to be one of the most popular among fans.

Fan communities are often so overloaded with artwork involving popular games that companies have found it better to simply embrace the content, rather than fight it. Bungie is clearly no exception to this rule, as it hosts Destiny creations on its official website through forums and in weekly shout-outs through their weekly updates. This has led to some fantastic artwork and even some stellar Destiny memes that perfectly capture the feeling of tearing through space with the Traveler's blessing.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter (via Reddit)