Destiny 2's Pit of Heresy dungeon has been in the game for about two weeks now, and it hasn't taken guardians very long to conquer it in style. There have been players who have solo'd it, and players who have done the entire thing flawlessly. There's even been a player who's beaten it using only using melee attacks. This same player, a streamer named Gladd, tackled the Pit of Heresy again. Only this time, he brought a fireteam, and they defeated Zulmak, the final boss of the dungeon, without even damaging him.

If one is a Destiny 2 player that's been around since Destiny 1, the first thing that probably pops into one's head is the Atheon cheese, where players simply used Nova Bomb and grenades to knock the raid boss off the map to kill it. But that's not how Gladd's fireteam won. They actually did fight Zulmak, just not in the traditional way.

The video Gladd posted to YouTube showed his fireteam attacking Zulmak outside of his damage phase. The group does this by having each member pick up a sword from one of the Accursed Swordbearers running around the arena. Once everyone has a sword, the team sets up a Well of Radiance, a Warlock ability. Then the team simply attacked Zulmak like normal and repeated the process until they destroyed him. When the results screen came up to show how much damage the group did, it claimed they had done "0."

destiny 2 pit of heresy beat melee

Now, this isn't the first time a Destiny activity has been completed in some absurd fashion. In fact, its a fairly common occurrence, and while this method of defeating Zulmak seems more like a random glitch than anything, Gladd's team expected the results to say "0" damage had been dealt. They didn't explain how they managed to pull it off in the video, but there is one theory that might shed some light.

The Well of Radiance allows guardians to kill enemies even if said enemies have "immunity" shields up. For example, a barrier-protected Hobgolin can be done away with using any weapon so long as the player shooting has the Well of Radiance buff active. The theory, then, suggests that the Well of Radiance buff combined with the accursed swords' ability to take down Zulmak's immunity barrier worked together to allow Gladd's team to beat the boss without dealing any damage. If this is the case, then this a very creative way of killing Zulmak without having to go through his phases.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Gladd/YouTube