Although today is the weekly reset for Destiny 2, hardcore players are encouraged not to complete their Pinnacle Rewards until this coming Thursday. Bungie will release a new patch that will make those Pinnacle Reward imgs more potent, jumping them up by an extra point of power.

While those who actively follow Bungie’s blog post might be familiar with the upcoming Pinnacle Reward change, there are likely those Destiny 2 players who will jump into the game and focus on that endgame content. But if they can hold off on completing the Garden of Salvation raid, or a 100,000 score Nightfall Strike, or any of the other Pinnacle imgs they might make a bigger jump in power.

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In its weekly blog post, Bungie told players that the developers have heard players loud and clear. The Pinnacle Power grind was defeating and the +1 upgrades necessary just to reach power 950 were not enough. So, Bungie is bumping all Pinnacle Reward imgs up to +2 in a Thursday patch. On top of that, Destiny 2 will only take into account four gear slots to determine when a player is deserving of an upgrade.

What this means is that players only need to obtain 4 items at 951 power before they start getting 953 drops. This should make reaching the Pinnacle Power Level cap of 960 more attainable within the remaining weeks of Season 8.

bungie blog post about pinnacle buff

More importantly, though, this change will make the Pinnacle Reward grind worth it in future Destiny 2 seasons, like Season of the Dawn next month. While there are still plenty of things for players to chase like high stat rolls on armor, new weapons, and gear, the Pinnacle Power level was an element that didn’t feel part of Bungie’s new vision. It felt stifling to say the least.

Of course, power level is a non-issue in Destiny 2 now that Bungie has essentially removed the cap. Through the use of the Seasonal Artifact, players can boost their power level forever, but it will take a lot of XP to do so and the bonus resets every season. So really the advantage of going above power level 950 is getting a headstart on the next grind in Season 9.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.