With the release and completion of the Garden of Salvation, the first raid of Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion, players have discovered a secret Exotic quest. The Divine Fragmentation is a Vex-related Exotic quest that will have players adventuring from the Moon to Nessus and back again as players try to fix and then empower a mysterious Vex Core. Destiny 2 players are still uncovering all of the Divine Fragmentation's secrets, but it should be solved sooner than later.

Reddit user Disciple4JC is the first to have called attention to the new Exotic quest. Their post on Reddit, titled "Divine Fragmentation Quest FOUND!!!" has been cataloging progress as Destiny 2 players progress through the quest step by step. So far players have progressed through 4 different quest steps, only to bottlenecked by the final step, which requires players to go into the Garden of Salvation Raid. However, players are currently doing the raid and quest right now.

To start the quest, players have to go to the Garden of Salvation raid entrance in patrol. Once there, players will encounter Vex coming out of the entrance in waves. Killing the final boss in these waves will drop the Divine Fragmentation and the first step of the Exotic Quest "What's This... What's This?" This step tasks players with finding three Oracles hidden in three Nessus Lost Sectors: The Conflux, The Orrery, and Ancients Haunt. One doesn't complete the Lost Sectors, but rather scan the Oracles hidden within them.

Step 2, titled "Defragmentation" tasks players with repairing 120 Decryption Cores. This requires players to play the new Vex Offensive Arena event on the Moon. Killing a Vex in this event will reward a Decryption Core Fragment, so killing 120 completes the task. The next step is titled Core of Nightmares and is surprisingly simple. Players need to go to the Lecturn of Enchantment on the Moon and purchase the Empowered Decryption Core for 30 Phantasmal Fragments. This unlocks what's expected to be the final step of the quest, "Key to Divinity," which will require doing the Garden of Salvation raid.

The exact details for completing the Key to Divinity step of the Divine Fragmentation Exotic quest are unclear. According to the initial Reddit post, players are tasked with "tethering" rooms after each encounter within the Gardens of Salvation. Those working on the step say it's "one tether per encounter," involving chaining a power connection between fireteam members across a wide space. After this step, players are hopefully rewarded an Exotic weapon or a final Quest step that simply requires redeeming the quest for the weapon. Expect more information as it breaks.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit, WoW Quests