Over the last year, the possibility of crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One has become more and more a reality. A few games, like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, have outright offered the feature, while other games have expressed an interest in working with Sony and Microsoft. One game that many fans have hoped would add Crossplay is Destiny 2, and a recent comment from developer Bungie suggests that could soon become a reality.

Anytime that Bungie writes about Destiny 2 on Twitter, the studio gets a ton of responses ranging from excitement about new content, frustration with broken quests, and questions about future features.

In a recent Tweet, Bungie received a question about whether or not Destiny 2 would ever support Crossplay. Usually these types of Tweets go unacknowledged, but in this case, Bungie responded.

Bungie has not shied away from discussing the possibility of crossplay in Destiny 2, but usually the studio puts the onus on Sony. Historically, Sony has been the major roadblock when it comes to offering crossplay on popular multiplayer titles, but that stance has since changed. About a month ago, Sony claimed that it will support crossplay on all PS4 games, opening the door for Destiny 2 to offer the feature.

Of course, with Bungie focused on providing new content throughout year 3 of Destiny 2, there may not be the opportunity to implement crossplay immediately. Cross save, a feature that now allows players to access their Destiny 2 Guardians on any platform, was added with the launch of Shadowkeep and was a decent substitution for crossplay.

Those players who started on PS4 or Xbox One when Destiny 2 launched but had wanted to try out the PC version for the better frame rate, resolution options, and visual flourishes could now do so. But if they also wanted to jump back to their original platform, or even a new gaming platform like the Stadia, that was also an option.

With crossplay, though, Destiny 2 players could select their platform of choice and not worry about where their friends or clanmates happen to play. The PC population was a major issue for Destiny 2 in Year 2, with many players citing a lack of opponent variety in the Crucible. But since the switch to Steam and the introduction of New Light, Destiny 2 player population is solid. Crossplay might not change that but it will still be a great feature for the community.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.