With the launch of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep's expansion, Bungie made it easier than ever for new players to jump in and start playing the online multiplayer shooter. Destiny 2 New Light launched alongside Shadowkeep and was a free-to-play version of the game providing access to all of Destiny 2's base game and quite a bit of Year 2 content as well. However, the leap from free-to-play Destiny 2 player to having access to the full game was a bit more complicated and pricey than it needed to be. That may soon be changing.

For Destiny 2 players moving from the free-to-play New Light to Shadowkeep, it isn't just a matter of buying Shadowkeep. That grants access to the newest expansion, but it skips the story content of Year 2. To gain access to that, Destiny 2 New Light players also have to purchase Forsaken, which ultimately results in players spending money for some Forsaken content already made free as part of New Light. An all-in-one-package clearly made a lot of sense, but Bungie decided to hold off on that for some reason.

That changed with the launch of Google Stadia, as those buying-in early could acquire Destiny 2: The Collection with the purchase of a founder's edition. Destiny 2: The Collection includes all available expansion content through Shadowkeep, granting Stadia players the full Destiny 2 experience. It's not exactly a good option for Destiny 2 New Light players who weren't otherwise planning on using Google Stadia, however.

There's good news for those hoping to buy Destiny 2: The Collection apart from Google Stadia, though. Destiny 2: The Collection has officially been rated in PEGI territories for both PC and consoles. That is to say that Bungie has submitted Destiny 2: The Collection for ratings for all platforms and has been approved. Bungie would just need certification for it with each platform and could then release the bundle soon, barring an exclusive contract with Stadia.

destiny 2 the collection stadia

The news that the Destiny 2: The Collection package is coming to multiple platforms isn't necessarily a huge surprise. It was more an inevitability. But there are lingering questions. The biggest being when Bungie will release it. The holiday season seems particularly well-suited for such a release. After all, the longer Bungie waits, the less hype will surround the game. Perhaps an announcement will be made alongside the reveal of plans for Shadowkeep's next season, which should start in January. Bungie will have to move quickly if it wants to be part of 2019's Black Friday sales, though.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: PEGI (via Games Radar)