According to players, Destiny 2 is experiencing some performance issues on consoles, especially in the new Garden of Salvation raid. One thread on the Destiny subreddit has nearly 300 comments at the time of this writing, discussing the issues which are manifesting in the form of frame rate drops. Developer Bungie says that it is aware of the performance issues and is investigating.

The frame rate drop issues seem to be most prominent on consoles, as compared to PC, which is not entirely uncommon especially as the current generation of consoles come closer to the end of their lifespan and as games get bigger and more ambitious. The place in particular that Destiny 2 players are seeing the frame rate drops are in the final boss fight of Garden of Salvation.

While Bungie has yet to detail what could be causing the performance issues, it is not hard to see why the last raid boss might be causing issues. The arena of the final boss is huge with two completely different sections that still remain in the same big area. There are also arc effects of the radiolarian lake that add more visual effects when players walk into it. Not only that, there are many mobs of Vex that come towards players. And when the Vex are destroyed, they often leave remnants behind.

Other players on the Reddit thread, even some on PC, said they are also experiencing slowdown in the same places as well as on the Moon during the Vex Invasion public events, especially once a lot of Vex have been destroyed and there are a lot of pieces of metal lying on the ground. So that could possibly be a commonality between two different sections of the game that is causing issues.

Bungie has planned to release a game update tomorrow, Tuesday, October 15th that will take the game offline for 15 minutes and then come back online at 10:00 a.m. PDT requiring players to download Update The contents of that patch or not yet known because Bungie has yet to issue patch notes; however, players will have to see if any performance issue fixes will be included. Until a fix for the frame rate dips is finally issued, it might be hard for console players to complete the raid, depending on their personal experience, as some players are reporting some serious frame rate dips.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Reddit