One of Destiny 2's most popular Exotic weapons from Year 2 has seemingly been inaccessible since the launch of the Shadowkeep expansion. Izanagi's Burden is a sniper rifle earned through a secret Exotic quest. The quest involves playing through Destiny 2's Black Forges, as well as creating several keys to unlock a mysterious black box. However, one of the quest steps to earn a key stopped spawning for players. For 3 weeks Destiny 2 players have wondered if they're doing something wrong, but Bungie has finally stepped forward and confirmed that there's a bug.

Reports that there was a bug in the Izanagi's Burden questline started appearing shortly after Shadowkeep's launch. Redditor nziel6486 posted to Reddit two weeks ago that they were unable to find the way to mold the 4th Black Forge key, a quest that should have been available from NPC Ada-1. Multiple other users also confirmed that they couldn't pick up this quest step. The bug seemed immediately apparent, but it's taken Bungie weeks to confirm.

"The Black Armory Key Mold cannot be obtained by players who did not receive it before Season 8." In other words, players hoping to progress through the quest and earn the Izanagi's Burden Exotic sniper rifle will be unable to continue once reaching a certain step. These players will simply have to wait for Bungie to solve the issue and release a fix. Unfortunately, no such fix has yet been issued.

For the time being, Bungie doesn't have any information regarding when a fix for the Izagi's Burden quest will be fixed. However, the bug has officially been marked down as a "Known Issue" and these tend to be a priority for Bungie once they've been discovered. In this case, it may be longer than usual, as Bungie is certainly plenty busy dealing with post-launch Shadowkeep plans and all manner of issues and fixes stemming from the constant outflow of new content.

While not having access to the Izanagi's Burden questline is certain to be frustrating, Bungie's at least made it easy to find an alternative. There are well over 16 Exotic Weapon quests in Destiny 2 for players to go out and complete. For those hunting for a Sniper Rifle, the Whisper of the Worm quest is still available. Alternatively, there are what seems to be a million different hand cannons to choose from. Hopefully by the time a few distractions are finished, Bungie will have this bug squashed.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.