Destiny 2 players currently taking part in the weekly Power grind are going to being rewarded soon by Bungie. Pinnacle Power grinding isn't a fast or smooth process. Pinnacle engrams are currently rewarded only for doing the most challenging content in Destiny 2, is heavily limited by weekly resets, and may not result in an upgrade anyway. Bungie has decided that the grind as it exists is currently too slow and will be issuing a hotfix for pinnacle rewards in Destiny 2 to go live next week.

Pinnacle rewards are Destiny 2's highest level of Power progression. They are the final Power levels of the season and are intended to be difficult to attain. As such, they provide a bonus to dedicated players while neither providing too much Power nor blocking any further content. Specifically, a single Pinnacle powerful reward will provide a piece of gear or weapon that's +1 to the user's base Power. So in order to reach power level 951, a player must first have 951 items in all slots. But each powerful drop while they are 950 will only be 951 power.

Bungie's answer is to significantly increase the pace with a very small change. Instead of Pinnacle drops providing a +1 compared to base Power, it'll start being +2. On top of that, players will only need 4 slots filled by higher power items before Powerful Rewards (Tier 1, 2, and 3) start to catch up. This will effectively cut in half the number of slots necessary to move to a higher base Power, while doubling the odds of getting an upgrade from a Pinnacle reward. It's a massive buff to Pinnacle rewards and will help  Destiny 2 players reach the Pinnacle Power level cap with dedicated play.

A brief explanation was provided regarding Bungie's decision to change the system. According to Bungie, the current system is simply not hitting the goals Bungie wanted when it designed the system. Players aren't climbing as high as predicted as fast as Bungie wanted them too. Having to earn an upgrade in every slot before moving up a single Power level was too slow. And the Shadowkeep Pinnacle Power cap of 960 is impossible to attain without the help of the seasonal artifact.

The change to pinnacle rewards in Destiny 2 should be appreciated by the community. Hardcore Destiny 2 players reached the 950 Power Level Hard Cap within days, and while having a more challenging grind in endgame was welcome, having an impossible grind was not. Bungie's changes definitely imply the grind is intended to last just a season, as players will be able to rapidly climb in Season 8's remaining weeks.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.