In an effort to give Destiny 2 players more to grind for, Bungie will be adding two Seasonal Rewards into the loot pool for Vex Offensive. The Pluperfect auto rifle and the Temporal Clause heavy machine gun can now drop from the Season 8 unique activity.

Bungie revealed the change in its latest This Week at Bungie post, explaining that the Destiny 2 developers wanted to “give players more agency in earning random rolls” for these two weapons. Not that there aren’t already ways to earn Pluperfect and Temporal Cause, but it never made sense that they couldn’t drop from Vex Offensive to begin with.

Once Season Pass owners in Destiny 2 unlock the Pluperfect and Temporal Cause they can claim the weapons with static rolls right from the pass. However, modifiers further down the Season 8 Pass also add the weapons to the loot pool for Crucible, Gambit, and the Strike playlist. So it isn’t like there were not ways for players to claim either weapon already.

However, it was strange that Vex Offensive wasn’t included in the list. The Seasonal Armor can drop from Vex Offensive once players unlock it, and further Season Pass upgrades make it so that armor drops will better stats. Unfortunately, there is no way to influence the drops on the Pluperfect or the Temporal Clause. Destiny 2 players have to rely on RNG in order to get the roll that they want.

For the Pluperfect Auto Rifle the best possible perk combination would be Outlaw in the first slot and Kill Clip or Rampage in the second slot. Auto Rifles aren’t very popular in PvP, so when the focus is on PvE the goal is buffing damage and keeping DPS up.

Temporal Clause is a high magazine heavy machine gun, so players will want to either Ambitious Assassin or Auto-Loading Holster in the first slot and Rampage in the second. Of course, there are plenty of heavy machine guns that will fit a similar role and even have better perks, but Temporal Clause is not a bad option. It’s certainly more useful than the new Xenophage exotic heavy machine gun.

This week’s Destiny 2 blog post was not a big one, but it did feature some other exciting news. Bungie plans to buff Pinnacle rewards next Thursday, which should help players ascend beyond power level 950. There is also a new Iron Banner coming and a Bungie Bounty for King Gothalion in celebration of his move to Mixer.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.