[UPDATE: Whatever information Bungie is feeding players seems to have been misinterpreted. The light level 999 player beat Dul Incaru but nothing happened.]

Although most Destiny 2 players have likely forgotten about the mysterious 15th Wish in the Dreaming City, a select few have kept it in the back of their minds. Now it seems the community might be close to solving the secret of the 15th Wish and apparently ending the curse of the Dreaming City.

A recent update to the Triumph list for Destiny 2 has added an entry that says a player must reach light level 999 and defeat Dul Incaru (the Shattered Throne final boss) in a one person fireteam to unlock the true ending of the Dreaming City. And it just so happens that one Destiny 2 player has reached power level 999.

This is all thanks to the new Seasonal Artifact, which lets Destiny 2 players increase their power level by an infinite amount. Most have been boosting their power level a little at a time, but a player who goes by the screen name Bagel has taken that to the extreme and hit 999.

Right now, Bagel is being guided through the Shattered Throne by top tier Destiny 2 players from Clan Redeem and soon we shall know if the 15th Wish description is legitimate. Check back in an hour or so for an update.