This generation of consoles has facilitated a huge wave of remasters and remakes, and Bluepoint Games have been responsible for some of the most popular remastered games. It is safe to say the studio has experience with remastering high-profile games, with titles such as The Shadow of Colossus. Naturally, when Bluepoint Games teased that it was working on two titles, fan anticipation and speculation peaked.

Prior to the tweet, there had been plenty of speculation about the next title from Bluepoint Games. While the new tweet doesn't give too much away, it does suggest a handful of games could be in development. Combined with previous news, fans may start hedging their bets in regards to which games are on the way over the next year.

The enigmatic tweet points to a number of games that could be receiving the remaster treatment. Fans have guessed that the cryptic tweet could be in reference to games such as Metal Gear Solid, The Legend of Dragoon, Dark Souls, Castlevania, or Jak and Daxter.  The developer's previous work with the Metal Gear Solid franchise may indicate that they'll tread familiar water. On the other hand, the gif attached to the tweet was from the Castlevania series. Plenty of fans would be happy with any of these titles but there have been rumors that suggest some games are more likely than others.

There have already been rumors that Demon's Souls would be announced for PS5 but there has been no news since then. Now it is likely that there won't be an update until next E3, but there are other games that this tweet could be referencing.

demon's souls remaster ps4

The Legend of Dragoon has been connected to Bluepoint Games previously, with Technical Director Peter Dalton stating, "I love The Legend of Dragoon. Perhaps it should be a project?" After teasing fans, and with this subtle nod to the game in this most recent tweet, many will be hoping for the return of a cult classic.

Despite the enigmatic tweet, all that has been officially stated is that Bluepoint is working on a bigger game than Shadow of Colossus. That could mean in terms of map size, or campaign length, and therefore doesn't narrow down the possibilities. The tweet suggests two games are in development, but it looks like players will have to wait a little longer for clarity.