A Death Stranding player discovers where all of the lost cargo in the game comes from. The new Hideo Kojima game is full of secrets for players to understand and questions for them to answer, and one that many have been asking themselves is where the lost cargo originates and what happens to their own lost goods.

In a hugely popular post on the Death Stranding Reddit, a user named Yodabyte has posted a video that shows something appearing in the sky. At first, it looks like some sort of issue with the game that happens as the character is driving around. That's not odd for Death Stranding as the game also has BTs and other strange goings on, but after using the scan tool, the player finds that the items are part of a lost delivery.

The Reddit post has 3.3K upvotes and several Death Stranding players are learning about the lost cargo for the first time. One Death Stranding player asks if this means that the packages are moving from one person's game to another. One user also said that when Sam takes a bath, players can make him sing a duet with himself, which confirms that the games are linked. Others say that they have seen the pieces of lost cargo appear in their games, but it just looked like a ball of lightning.

Another Death Stranding player suggests that players should try to make huge amounts of these pieces of lost deliveries show up in people's games. "We should all pick a time and location to see if we can interact some how," wrote LeeGerhard. Kojima has said that Death Stranding is about making links between players and this is part of a new game genre, so this may have been the sort of thing he hoped that players would do when he was developing the game.

It's unclear if players are coming up with real plans to send each other cargo or messages in a big way, but the popularity of the Reddit post shows that fans are making new discoveries after playing the game for weeks. Another video posted on Reddit revealed the power of Death Stranding's sticky gun. Others have revealed how they've used other tools to get around in the game, giving other players new ideas for how they can also do it.

Death Stranding is available now for PS4, with a PC release expected in Summer 2020.