Hideo Kojima's latest game, Death Stranding, has proven to be fairly divisive among critics and players. It subverts a lot of expectations like removing emphasis on combat as well as allowing players the freedom to move around the expansive map. The game also offers plenty of tools to help players get around, though one in particular seems to have been more overlooked than others. One person in particular is trying to change that.

Over on the Death Stranding subreddit, FrivolousFandom created a threat to sing the praises of the sticky gun. It seems this tool in particular has perplexed many players in how to use it effectively, though the short video clip in this thread shows how helpful it can be if players get a bit creative with it.

For anyone who has lost cargo down a ravine or a pit, instead of going after it and getting stuck, the video shows that the sticky gun is able to grab them and pull them back up to the player. One thing to note is that the tool doesn't have unlimited range and each piece of cargo in the short clip is no more than 40 meters away. Players also need to release the L2 button or press Triangle on the controller to have Sam grab the cargo in mid air, otherwise it will continue flying back and possibly get damaged.

death stranding trike delivery

The community has also provided their own tips for successful use of the sticky gun. For example, if a player is stuck at the bottom of a cliff and a climbing rope is 30 meters above them but unreachable, the sticky gun can be used to grab the rope and bring it down to the player to use.

Another player has found it to be a useful tool for moving heavy materials across rivers and chasms or using it to retrieve lost cargo for preppers that are not yet at 5 stars. In fact, some have even used it to farm lost cargo from the highway or collect things when a bridge isn't available. If players are looking for a laugh, some have even used it on MULEs to watch them slip and fall.

Regardless of how the game may have been scored, there's no denying that Death Stranding has fostered a tight knit community of players. In addition to tips and tricks like the sticky gun, players have been sharing all sorts of content from the game including fan art, videos, and even creative solutions to making other players lives easier through structures like roads, ziplines, bridges and more.

Death Stranding is available now for PS4, with a PC release expected in Summer 2020.

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Source: Reddit