Death Stranding has been released to mixed reviews, yet like any game by Hideo Kojima it is vast and full of surprises, with that in mind fans have been traversing the virtual environments. Naturally, with this exploration, there have been surprises discovered in the vast landscape of the game. However, very few players will have had the nail-biting experience that Reddit user RobKenobi has shared.

Death Stranding is about connecting people through delivering packages to different locations and even walking down a hill can be a challenge. A large part of the gameplay is centred around protecting packages from the environment and benefiting from the work of other players who have left tools to help others. With the danger of losing packages in mind the video is a tense watch.

The video has RobKenobi attempting to drive a bike, with a considerable load, across a ladder. When the motorcycle tips over the ladder it looks to all be over for the player, yet the wheels manage to miraculously hold on as they accelerate over the ladder while hanging on for dear life. Fortunately, the bike in Death Stranding can be repaired but losing all of the packages would have been a disaster.

Death Stranding is certainly different and these kind of suspenseful scenarios are truly unique to the game. The reception to the game has been mixed because of its original mechanics and pacing. Yet fans of director Hideo Kojima and his work, know to expect the unusual in his games. The legacy of the game will be interesting and there have already been comments from Kojima in regards to reception, possible sequels and its impact. Whether the game will leave the impression Kojima wanted remains to be seen.

Part of the reason that Death Stranding has been met with confusion and bewilderment is the fact that the build-up to the release of the game didn't tell fans what to expect.  What Death Stranding is, has now become clearer but whether it is to everyone's taste is a different story. Now that fans are familiar with the game, its unique aspects should lead to more fantastic fan videos like that of RobKenobi. Whether players are impressed with the game or not, many will appreciate the distinctive content it and its fans produces.

Death Stranding is available now on PS4, with a PC release coming in Summer 2020.

Source: RobKenobi/ Reddit