With Death Stranding now out and implementing risks that have paid off, the title has many enthralled with its plot and mechanics, as would be the case with past games from Hideo Kojima. Players have expressed their respect and fandom for the game in different ways, and one player has done so by posting a video to YouTube that shows what Death Stranding would be like on the original PlayStation.

The video released by YouTuber Miziziziz is fairly straightforward. It shows Death Stranding's protagonist, Sam Bridges, as he traverses a polygonal version of Death Stranding's world, carrying cargo and moving through the landscape. About halfway through the pretend trailer, Bridges encounters floating Gazers amid what is likely Timefall.

The trailer ends after Bridges takes a humorous fall with familiar, dated animations. The trailer can be viewed below.

Previously, the same YouTuber had a made similar video imagining Untitled Goose Game as a game for the PS1. Similar to the Death Stranding video, the Untitled Goose Game PS1 version mockup trailer showed how the popular indie title would look on Sony's first home entertainment console.

Overall, the video is pretty hilarious and likely to get a laugh out of viewers, especially those who remember and have played games of the mid- and late-90s. The actual Death Stranding just shows how far gaming has come in terms of graphics and presentation, compared to what Death Stranding might have looked like on PS1.

Regarding Death Stranding, the game has seen a massive degree of success thus far. Not only has received a bevy of good reviews but it has also set a sales record for the PlayStation 4, releasing as the best-selling launch for a new IP in Japan this console generation.

The game has clearly resonated with fans, too. Obviously, this is proven by fanworks such as the above video but the rising of Monster Energy's stocks on Death Stranding's launch day also shows that people have become very engaged with Hideo Kojima's latest work.  Whether the game itself will have as devout a following as Metal Gear has yet to be determined, but it has certainly been a hit.

Death Stranding is currently available on PlayStation 4, with a PC version in development.