Hot-fixes and patches are common ground in the modern era of gaming, with systems and games easily connected to the internet to fix and update throughout the lifespan of a title. So it comes as no surprise that Death Stranding is scheduled to be receiving some updates in the coming months.

According to a tweet from the Kojima Productions Twitter account, the company's flagship game Death Stranding will be receiving its first major update in mid-December. Reportedly, this update will include a number of fan-requested fixes and quality of life changes to help smooth out the playing experience.

While much of what changes will be coming to fix some of Death Stranding's more abrasive features this December update are unknown, two specific changes were highlighted in the tweet. The first involves the ability to increase text size, which players of the base game can confirm is currently fairly small, making it difficult to read on smaller monitors. Second is the ability to dispose of individual vehicles, which can be a problem at the moment when players want to switch out their vehicles more fluidly to account for individual deliveries.

At the time of writing, Death Stranding is currently on version 1.06, with patches providing various performance improvements, fixes, and balance adjustments. As a result, fans have quickly taken to use the original Twitter post to give their own feedback on the game, sounding off some highly requested included features to hopefully be added in the December update. From the replies to the tweet alone, it would seem that the two highest requested changes would be a portable music player and a photo mode, two things that highlight players' desires to interact with the beautiful world of Death Stranding even more.

There are a number of other highly requested features that player would like to see added to that game, but some of those may have to wait for future updates. Perhaps when the update draws closer, Kojima Productions will lay out a more definitive roadmap for future development. For now, it is comforting to know that Kojima Productions is still working on the game, even when Hideo Kojima seems to be prepared to move forward with new projects.

Death Stranding is available now for PS4, with a PC release expected in Summer 2020