The open world survival-horror game Days Gone released earlier this year as a PS4 exclusive. It received a somewhat mixed response from critics, but has since gone on to win the Golden Joystick Awards for Best Storytelling and Best PlayStation Game of the year. Since the Golden Joystick Awards are voted on by fans, it proves that the game does have a strong following, and as a result, Days Gone 2 is a distinct possibility.

Days Gone technical director Christopher Reese recently spoke about the possibility of Days Gone 2 in an interview with GamesRadar. "Oh yeah, it is certainly a passion of ours, and that's what we've always wanted to do. This is a world that we want to keep breathing more life into, and explore many, many different avenues. So who knows, we'll see!"

While Days Gone received mixed reviews, it has been a huge sales success for Sony. It had especially strong sales in the UK, but has also sold well in Japan and North America, so it would make sense for PlayStation to pursue a sequel. And maybe a potential Days Gone 2 could address some of the main criticisms levied at the original game and deliver a product that truly lives up to expectations.

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According to the Days Gone reviews, one of the main issues players had with the game was its story and a lack of character development for main character Deacon St. John. Others were split on whether or not the open world was fun to explore. Others still had a problem with the various technical issues that were discovered in the game after launch, with some stating that it could have benefited from a longer development time.

Days Gone's technical issues and other fan complaints could be addressed in Days Gone 2, which could in turn make it a huge PlayStation-exclusive. However, with the PS4 nearing the end of its life cycle, one has to imagine that Days Gone 2, if it is in development, would be aiming for release on the PlayStation 5, which itself is set to launch sometime during the holiday season of 2020.

Days Gone 2, if it ever materializes, is likely a long way off from release, so fans shouldn't expect to see it anytime soon.

Source: GamesRadar