The release of CD Projekt Red's next major title, Cyberpunk 2077, is drawing closer and closer, with development having very recently entered the final stages. But while fans are eager to get their hands on it, some can't help but wonder what the studio has in store for the next generation of consoles. According to the studio itself, it sounds like it's prepared for the likes of the PS5 and Project Scarlett.

During a financial conference call, executives were asked what their plans were for future consoles. They said that, while we probably shouldn't expect a new title for them during the consoles' launch windows, the studio is "ready or almost ready" in terms of potential specs:

"Of course, we do have insights on what’s around the corner and what’s happening with PlayStation and Xbox. We’re watching it closely and one may probably assume that at some point we’re gonna do something with the next-gen. However, we cannot really be very specific about what that might be, when exactly that might be. I will only safely assume that it’s not gonna be around the launch timeframe of those consoles.

"Our games were always ahead of technology. They always play best on strong PCs, so in many areas, we’re ready or almost ready for stronger specs. From a technical perspective, it seems to be doable.”

Unsurprisingly, Cyberpunk 2077 was also a big talking point. The game's multiplayer mode is still in early development, as opposed to the main game, so it wasn't discussed in detail, though we did learn that it's a smaller project with less staff than the main single-player. When asked about monetization, which is one of the big reasons why many fans are anxious about the multiplayer, the executives stated that we can expect "wise" monetization and "always value for money."

In addition, the game's release on Stadia was brought up, with the studio confirming that while it will come to Stadia later than PC and other consoles, it will be sold at full price and won't be part of any subscription program. While some fans are hopeful that the game will be ported to Switch, much like The Witcher 3 was, this was never brought up.

Given the sudden announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, the executives were asked if they were worried about it potentially drawing away Cyberpunk 2077's audience, but it sounds like the studio isn't concerned due to VR still being a niche market and CD Projekt Red are focused on appealing to the mass market. While they did admit that it could change in the future, VR is not considered a priority for the studio at the moment.

Cyberpunk 2077 will release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on April 16th 2020.

Source: Twinfinite