Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games has revealed that it is working on a game with Grand Theft Auto series developer Rockstar Games. New information about Rockstar's next project has been stacking up, with one former Rockstar India employee confirming that Rockstar has multiple new games in development.

Job listings on the Ruffian Games site say that it is hiring for several positions to work on multiplayer action games. Some of the positions are for roles like senior engineer, UI engineer, and senior gameplay engineer. The seven job listings don't talk about Rockstar Games but an article by The Scottish Games Network, which was retweeted by Ruffian, said that "the studio is hiring people to work on games for Rockstar."

Ruffian Games, which developed Crackdown 2 and also worked on Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Crackdown 3's multiplayer, has several things in common with Rockstar. The two companies are Scottish and the Ruffian team is made up of several former Grand Theft Auto series developers. These commonalities likely help to make the companies great working partners.

It's unclear what the two companies are working on, however. The Ruffian Games job listings are looking for developers with experience in making "multiplayer action games" for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and "future platforms." Rockstar has made huge amounts of money from GTA Online and now Red Dead Online but that doesn't mean that the company is working on new versions of these. The developer may be working on Bully 2 and an online multiplayer mode, which is just what some fans have asked for in their Bully 2 wishlists.

The job listings use of PC, PS4, Xbox One and next-generation consoles also may not mean much. There have been rumors that GTA 6 will be a PS5 launch title, that its map will be several times the size of the GTA 5 map and that it will have a female protagonist. Rockstar did release GTA 5 on PS3 and Xbox 360 before releasing it on PS4 and Xbox One but with GTA 6 potentially offering so much content, the company may not feel like constraining the new game to older systems.

Whatever the two companies are working on, it seems like it's a very large game. Rockstar Games has thousands of employees all over the world, so if it has had to call in Ruffian Games for more support and that company is hiring too, it means that the game is going to take a huge amount of reimgs.

Source: Ruffian Games, The Scottish Games Network via VG247