Concrete Genie just launched today, and while it may not be as big of a release as a new Uncharted or God of War, it's still a high quality PS4 nevertheless. Sony has showcased the game frequently since its debut at the 2017 Paris Games Week, so it's clear that it has faith in the product, and reviews have been generally positive. However, some may want to know about how long Concrete Genie takes to beat before they decide to buy it or not.

For those wondering how long it takes to beat Concrete Genie, we were able to wrap up our playthrough in about five hours, maybe a little less. There are six chapters in Concrete Genie, and unless players get stuck on some of the puzzles, they can all be completed in roughly 30 to 45 minutes. Skill level will definitely play a factor here, as will how thoroughly one decides to explore the environment to get all of the collectibles.

Even if someone decides to 100% Concrete Genie, they will still be looking at less than 10 hours of playtime total. However, as we noted in our Concrete Genie review, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Many games artificially lengthen the experience with padding and filler, whereas Concrete Genie is paced well and is consistently engaging from start to finish.

concrete genie review

Concrete Genie is definitely a case of quality over quantity, but even so, there are some budget-minded gamers who want to reserve their money for longer experiences. That is totally understandable. Concrete Genie retails for $30, and some may find that's not a fair price for the relatively short gameplay experience they will get from the game.

It should be noted that, beyond the main story and collectibles, there are some extra game modes in Concrete Genie to keep players occupied. These include a PlayStation VR mode, as well as one where players can just paint whatever they want. Most people will likely try these modes once and forget them, so they don't really add significant replay value to the Concrete Genie experience.

Concrete Genie is a short game, but there's a reason why it was the most-nominated Gamescom game this past year. It's a quality experience for anyone who isn't turned off by its short length.

Concrete Genie is out now, exclusively for PS4.