While critics have mostly deemed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare a solid addition to the series, players are more divided. Only four days have passed since launch, yet they have found much to gripe over. For the most part, these complaints have been limited to Modern Warfare’s map design and the occasional glitch, few of which have had a serious effect on gameplay. But a new glitch has been discovered that could change that and seriously impede a player’s offensive capabilities without them knowing it.

Continuing the trend of recent COD games, Modern Warfare comes with weapon charms. These accessories let players break up the game’s heavy realism by hanging keychains based on dog memes, pizzas, and other silly things off the side of their military-grade weapons. The thing is, though, these items are strictly cosmetic. They’re not supposed to affect gameplay at all, but one Reddit user discovered that they do, and not in a good way.

As they explained, “So I've been playing leveling the pump shotgun wondering why it's so terrible, and then found out at level 50 of course, that the charm was bugging my hip fire.” Indeed, upon removing the charm, they found that the spread of the shotgun’s shots was immediately reduced, increasing its accuracy considerably.

To make sure the charm was the culprit here, the Reddit user tested out three weapons in private matches, using them with and without weapon charms attached, and all three saw wider bullet spread because of the charms. Moreover, while they only tested it out on PC, other Reddit goers have tested it out on consoles and found that the glitch is present there as well.

call of duty modern warfare weapon charm glitch

There is some good news here, because it seems that the bug only affects weapons when shooting from the hip. As long as players are aiming down sights, accuracy remains unaffected. The thing is, though, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a fast-paced game, and players often find themselves in close-quarter fights where the difference between victory and defeat can be measured in split-seconds. Sometimes, there’s only enough time to unleash quick hipfire, and any glitch that makes players more likely to miss their shots could be really problematic.

The most insidious part about it, as the Reddit user pointed out, is how the bug “goes completely under the radar.” Everyone understands that charms are supposed to be cosmetic only, so it’s make sense that few would suspect them of negatively affecting gameplay. In all likelihood, Infinity Ward will patch out the glitch soon, as anything that serves to make players even more divided over Modern Warfare can’t be removed fast enough. But until that happens, players should definitely spread the word and, of course, hold off on equipping weapon charms.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit