While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been smashing sale records, it has also been battling bugs since its release on October 25th. One major bug that has a lot of players unhappy is the Trials bug, and it's one that forced the devs to take down the game mode only hours after it was released.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, in spite of review bombs, is the latest in a long line of successful CoD games, and it features what was supposed to be a new game mode called Trials. Only available to Officer-level players, players earn tickets by playing training missions to expand the amount of XP they earn. But unfortunately for players, it didn't quite work out as expected.

Between complaints of glitches and even accusing Activision of Russophobia, this hasn't been a good week for CoD. The Trials went live with the update on 10/29/19, bringing higher-level players a new game mode to try. Players earned tickets, and each ticket let them play each of three Trials maps one time. But about two hours later, it was gone, removed from the game before players even had a chance to really settle into the Trials. People took to Reddit, wondering just where their new game mode had gone.

Turns out that the Trials were not giving players any XP, and the devs had to remove the game mode completely from the game to fix the problem. On Reddit, the developers over at Infinity Ward and Activision had this to say: "We’ve turned off Trials while we investigate XP rewards not being awarded after completion. We’ll provide an update when we’re ready to turn them back on. Thank you for your patience." While the tickets were supposed to give XP based on a star rating as well as performance, it looks like players weren't getting any of the promised experience.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Trial Mode Removed Just Hours After Being Added

Without knowing exactly what was going wrong, it's pretty difficult to guess when the Trials will be back online, but it's nice to know that the devs are aware of this glitch, and they are working to fix it fast. Although the game has had a few bugs in it's early days, like the multiplayer door exploit and the aiming glitch, it seems like Infinity Ward made an incredibly solid and fun game to play.

It also seems to care deeply about the glitches, pulling the Trials less than two hours after its launch to make sure that it was fixed before players could dive back in. It's this kind of responsiveness that will get CoD:MW and Activision through this bumpy ride (and what gave Call of Duty: Modern Warfare such good reviews), and fans seem to really be appreciating their efforts.

However, those who are unhappy after this long line of glitches and exploits have a right to be upset; this is a top tier title that cost some players up to $200 if they bought the Dark Edition. It seems like yet another title that was rushed through production and not properly tested before things started to go live. This type of glitchy starting week is systematic of the rushed world of video game development.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: VG247, Reddit