Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been out for a couple of weeks now, giving fans of the blockbuster first-person shooter franchise the opportunity to find easter eggs throughout its various game modes. So far, there haven't been a ton of major easter eggs found in the versus multiplayer modes, though one of the biggest ones has recently been discovered on the 2v2 Gunfight map called Hill.

If players look in the distance around southeast on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight Hill map, at around 150 degrees, they will notice one of many similar-looking white trees. By aiming at the tree closest to the edge of the cliff, players can see an outline of the Predator shimmering. This is an obvious reference to the Predator's invisibility from the films, and is a neat nod to that franchise to say the least, especially considering Call of Duty's past with the Predator.

As some may recall, Call of Duty: Ghosts had Predator as a playable character as part of its Devastation DLC. Like Modern WarfareGhosts was developed by Infinity Ward, so it's possible this is a nod to the studio's past work. Alternatively, it may just be a matter of someone on the development team having an affinity for Predator.

While not a ton of easter eggs have been found in the standard Call of Duty: Modern Warfare versus multiplayer modes, there have been some others. For example, those that played the Modern Warfare Gunfight Alpha discovered a Stephen King's It easter egg on the Gunfight map called Docks. There is a sewer grate on this map that has a bright red balloon behind it, a clear nod to Pennywise the Dancing clown from the movies/novel. It's possible that the It easter egg is still there in the final version of the game, but we haven't verified it.

There are other secrets on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps that may point toward the game's future. For example, fans noticed that the Tarvosk District map is visible when playing on the recently added Krovnik Farmland Ground War map. Some have taken this as a possible indication that these maps will help to make up the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale mode that is expected to launch in 2020.

It's important to note that a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale mode has yet to be announced, but datamining efforts and leaks have pointed to it being in the works. But while Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans wait for more news on that, they can scour the existing content for more hidden easter eggs.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.