It would be safe to say that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been something of a mixed bag when it comes to player reception. While a number of the best-selling shooter's fans have toted the game as a return to form for a series that has struggled to gain traction over recent years, others have seen it as a diamond in the rough that needs a lot of patches before it can truly succeed. The latter half has a lot of evidence to back their claim too, and with a recent post on Modern Warfare’s Reddit page, it appears they just got a lot more.

Posted by user McNugg2710, a hilarious 22-second clip has emerged showing pure evidence of the game’s flawed spawn system. In the now-viral Reddit video, the player loads up a game, picks their loadout, and spawns into the battlefield in midair just to be shot by a passing player before they’ve even hit the ground.

Other Reddit users immediately took to the comments to share how hilariously typical this moment is within the game, the top comment simply reading “This game man.” Other upvoted comments include someone jokingly stating they “Didn’t know the ground was such a spawn camper," and another claiming “This update broke everything.”

While this is naturally an incredibly funny look at the bugs present within Modern Warfare, it does highlight the major issues still laboring the game. After a recent big November update, Infinity Ward is still yet to work on a number of major fixes that players have been clamoring for since launch, including skill-based matchmaking, nerfing overpowered weaponry, and, of course, rectifying buggy spawn points. What’s worse is that Infinity Ward has stayed silent on the matter, not telling fans what they are working on in terms of fixes and when they should expect to see significant changes made.

That’s not to say Modern Warfare is a complete failure, however. Fans have toted the single-player campaign as one of the best in years, and the game having completely free DLC maps has been very well received by franchise veterans. It has also sold remarkably well, topping the charts and becoming the best selling game of the year so far. With a little bit of communication and some much-needed fixes to some significant areas, it goes without saying that Modern Warfare could grow to be as well-regarded as the iconic earlier games in the series.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.