A new bug introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's most recent update appears to be affecting how players use the E.O.D. perk. According to a highly upvoted post on Reddit, as well as several supporting comments, attempting to use the E.O.D. perk to hack won't work. Other Modern Warfare players, however, have confirmed that E.O.D. still works for them, so it's unclear exactly how or why the perk might be breaking for many players.

The E.O.D. multiplayer perk in Modern Warfare allows players to hack non-killstreak explosives, turning them into friendly devices. These explosives include C4, Claymores, Proximity Mines, and Trophy Systems. All a Modern Warfare player needs to do is approach the explosive from behind and hold down a specific button. It should take several seconds to convert the explosive to the player's control. It's the process of hacking that appears to be bugged for certain Modern Warfare players.

In effect, the Modern Warfare player will approach the explosive from behind as they're supposed to. They'll then hold down the button they're supposed to, initiating the hack. However, instead of the hack continuing, it'll immediately stop, unfinished. The bug seems to be treating what should be a button hold as a button press, preventing E.O.D. perk users from fully activating the hack. Visually, the player will lift up their hacking device and then immediately put it back down.

The original Reddit poster's short clip is taken from a PS4 version of Modern Warfare and shows them trying to hack a Claymore. Other people in the thread claim they've had the same issue on PC. In other words, it seems to be a multi-platform issue with the patch. But without further, detailed descriptions of the bug, how it happens, and on what platforms it happens on, there's likely little that Infinity Ward can do in an immediate sense.

Beyond the issues with E.O.D. and certain new camera issues, the new Modern Warfare patch has been very positively received by players. Weapon balance changes seem to be a particularly welcomed area of focus from Infinity Ward, with SMGs getting improved across the board, and both the 725 shotgun and M4A1 assault rifle getting nerfed. Fixes for in-game challenges and issues like Battle Chatter being heard across teams are also particularly meaningful. Despite the bugs, the patch is very popular.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.