Fans have known that new content was in the pipeline for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare since before it launched, including all new operators players can use in the game's multiplayer mode. Now, it appears that data for some of those new operators has been found in the PC version of Modern Warfare's files, including some fan-favorite characters from throughout the series.

As of right now, 13 new operators have been found in the game's files, including Farah from Modern Warfare's short but sweet campaign and what appears to be Simon "Ghost" Riley, of Modern Warfare 2 fame. Farah is a no-brainer addition to the operator roster. She plays a major role throughout the campaign, and likely won't take too much work to port to multiplayer versus some of the other characters being added. It's also great to see Ghost being added to the game. He's a longtime favorite of the series, and will likely be immensely popular when released. Ghost's updated mask is pretty unsettling, but that's pretty true to the character.

These aren't the first things to leak, as two guns were recently found in the game's files as well. That being said, there are some neat operator designs that have surfaced, and each character does appear to be incredibly detailed. Their names, in order of appearance in the image below, are Iskra, Kilgore, Nebo, Stohli, Trigg, Yandi, Farah, Ghost, Hooper, Kato, Lynch, Quin, and Zedra.

The files were originally discovered by Reddit user Senescallo, who posted the leaks on the Modern Warfare subreddit. The images are a bit grainy, but they should still give players a good idea what to expect from upcoming operators. There's a good chance that more will be making their way into Modern Warfare in the future, too. It'll be interesting to see what other operators may wind up being, as it does seem strange that there's no playable Captain Price yet.

As with other operators, there will likely be a few steps before they can unlock the new characters, and it seems especially likely that Ghost will take a bit of grinding to complete. Unlocking the other operators in the game is pretty straightforward, but there's no telling how difficult the new operators will be to unlock. It is possible that not all of them will actually make it in the game, though their files already being found there is a good sign. Still, fans may not want to get their hopes up for all of them.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Charlie Intel