Although Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has continued to sell well for Infinity Ward and Activision, the game faces a myriad of issues raised by the community like its current skill based matchmaking, overpowered weapons, map designs, and more. For all of the problems, there remain a number of bright spots like the 2v2 mode, Gunfight. Activision is focusing in on that for its new Tournament which is now live for all players.

Activision is calling this first tournament a beta, though the rules are largely the same as the Gunfight mode itself where its 2v2, one life, and a randomly assigned loadout on spawn. The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gunfight Tournament beta is a 32 player, single elimination event with 16 teams and 8 rounds in total. Each win advances a team further, while a loss dumps both players back into the lobby.

In terms of rewards, each win grants experience and other minor rewards, but the big prize is saved for those who win it all. While Activision only goes as far to say its a high tier cosmetic reward, the community has already discovered that the reward is a custom skin for the Desert Eagle. The gun itself features a wood handle and according to the community, it comes with three attachments for the grip, trigger, and the Mo Money perk.

call of duty modern warfare deagle reward

Activision's update also provides a handful of tips to succeed in Gunfight, including a few handy tips for each of the maps like using the canal in Docks for a stealthier route as well as using Grinch or Krueger on the Hill and Pine maps due to the advantage their camouflage skins give. In addition, players should attempt to mix up their strategy, communicate with their teammate, and understand the advantages and disadvantages each loadout comes with at the start of the round.

Unfortunately, the community is also reporting that the skin appears to be bugged and won't display in anything but private matches. While disappointing, this shouldn't be a surprise to players as the game currently suffers from a number of reported glitches that are frustrating to players. Infinity Ward is hoping that its recently released patch will solve a handful of them including the E.O.D. perk bug that prevented players from hacking enemy claymores and other equipment.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Activision; Reddit