Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been released. Naturally, there's been a huge amount of discussion about the good, and bad aspects of the game. While many seem happy with the soft reboot of one of the most successful first-person shooters ever. There are issues in the game. One aspect that has been noticed by many players, is how loud footsteps are in the game.

The new edition in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was always going to be a commercial success. However, fans had voiced their discrepancies prior to the game's release, and this has continued after the release of the game. Some have claimed that the volume of footsteps punishes players who try to flank opponents. Infinity Ward has commented about the volume issue in the Dead Silence Upgrade, and many will hope this extends to general footstep noise.

Players have complained that their teammate's footsteps are too loud and distracting. While their opposition can hear them coming from much further than they should. On top of that, Modern Warfare's Dead Silence perk doesn't seem to be solving the issue for players who want to be silent. Infinity Ward’s multiplayer design co-director Joe Cecot, has stated that the team are working on the issue with Dead Silence. However, there hasn't been a time frame given for the resolution, or comment about the volume problem without the perk.

CoD team

The volume of footsteps is annoying for sneak attacks and those who wish to flank the enemy. This is far from the first issue raised by players. In fact, Modern Warfare has divided the opinions of players. A game as popular as Call of Duty was always going to have detractors. Whether the game has made deliberate decisions to change up gameplay, or if there are bugs, is inconsequential to players who want the ultimate first-person shooter.

Players have a myriad of issues with the game. Yet, many are still enjoying Call of Duty. In fact what many thought was a bug with smoke grenades, is exactly what Modern Warfare intended. Clearly, the game can't please everyone. Some of the features are too realistic and others not enough. Despite the issues some players have found, it seems like Modern Warfare has pleased enough of its fanbase. With more updates to come, it's likely issues like loud footsteps will be rectified at some point. Many will hope the volume of footsteps is fixed alongside the Dead Silence perk.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Source: Dexerto