A new video is going viral in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare community showing a glitch that prevents a melee execution from being completed. Melee executions in Modern Warfare can be used to perform an instant kill on an enemy by holding down the attack button. A small cinematic is played of the execution in which the enemy dies. However, as the video shows, sometimes things go wrong and the execution glitches out and doesn't complete.

The original video was posted to Reddit by user AuroraUnit117 with the title "Ive taken a lot of this games bull****, but this was the final straw." The video shows AuroraUnit117 coming up behind an enemy and beginning a melee execution. Instead of the execution finishing the enemy pops up onto a desk where they're then able to pull out a shotgun and kill AuroraUnit117. The enemy then acts out an insulting gesture most multiplayer game players are familiar with, which could be why AuroraUnit117 is quite angry about the whole thing.

It's unclear why the execution wasn't carried out in full. From AuroraUnit117's perspective, it appears that they glitch into the surrounding geometry halfway through the execution. The enemy then pops up onto a desk nearby after the animation is canceled. Modern Warfare might have some code that prevents characters from going out-of-bounds that triggered midway through the execution, canceling the animation. Alternatively, in the Kill Cam, it shows the enemy zooming in with their weapon as the animation is canceled, so there could be some faulty code related to that, instead.

Whatever the reason, it's easy to empathize with AuroraUnit117's frustration. Not only did they have what should have been an instant kill taken away from them due to a glitch, but the glitch put them in a suddenly defenseless position due to the suddenness of the cancellation. Their enemy having a shotgun, and them also being a stereotypical Call of Duty jerk, just rubs salt in the wound.

If there's a positive takeaway from the Modern Warfare glitch video, it's that Infinity Ward has been made aware of the issue. An official Infinity Ward account replied in the comments on the Reddit thread and will hopefully take it to the appropriate devs to be fixed. That doesn't make such a glitch existing any less frustrating, but it ensures the problem will be taken care of as Infinity Ward is able.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.