Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players are asking Infinity Ward to make changes to the game's leaderboard feature. As it stands right now, the in-game leaderboard doesn't display all of the relevant stats a player wants to see for their selected game mode. For example, players running matches in the Domination game mode can't see how many captures they've made while they're playing the game. Instead, players must wait until the results-screen leaderboard, which doesn't appear until the match is already over.

Currently, while a match is in progress, Modern Warfare players can only see their "score," "kills," and "assists" whenever they bring up the leaderboard. The lack of other stats such as "captures" and "deaths" promotes players to resort to "camping" in matches, a playstyle that consists of squatting in a high-advantage area the whole game and killing whoever stumbles into your crosshairs. The style is intended to preserve the user's K/D (kills-to-death ratio) score since killstreaks, and overall-game scoring focuses on killing as many enemies as possible without dying.

Players, then, are asking for Infinity Ward to change the in-game leaderboards. They want the boards to not only include the stats relevant to the game mode being played - such as a "captures" stat for Headquarters and Domination - but they also want to see the number of deaths mid-match instead of having to wait until the end. User Msctfl posted up a results-screen based leaderboard on Reddit, asking for Infinity Ward to make this version of the leaderboard the one that also appears in progressing matches. The results screen reveals hidden categories such as "captures," "deaths," and "defends," which are categories particular to specific game modes. The post has received over 12 thousand likes in less than 24 hours.

Infinity Ward has yet to respond to the post. But, the team isn't a stranger to interacting with their Call of Duty community on Reddit. It has addressed user concerns on the site in the past by hinting at changes coming to game modes like Gunfight. So with as much traction as this post is receiving, its only a matter of time before a response arrives, especially since this isn't the first time Modern Warfare fans have voiced concerns about the in-game leader board. With that in mind, hopefully, Modern Warfare fans won't have to wait too long to receive the changes they're requesting.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.