Call of Duty: Modern Warfare doesn’t look to be in a very good place at the moment. Fans are becoming increasingly frustrated at the state of the game and the lack of attention directed toward their primary concerns. Some fans tend to handle this type of situation with inappropriate and aggressive behavior, such as being rude to the "messenger" - Senior Communications Manager Ashton - and aiming death threats at Infinity Ward developers. Others tend to handle it in a more morally acceptable manner: memes.

The latest meme to address the Infinity Ward situation uses an old SNL skit as its foundation: "Dear Sister." Viewers would recognize it for its iconic score "Whatcha Say" and the plethora of actors it features repeatedly shooting each other.

Don-Conquest posted the skit to Reddit with his altered take on it, apologizing to Infinity Ward in advance but also claiming that they couldn’t miss the opportunity. Essentially the meme skips to the end of the skit where Sister (Infinity Ward) is shot repeatedly by her brother and friends (the player base). Each shot fired represents a different complaint the community has. In the end, Infinity Ward collapses lifeless to the ground.

This meme follows on the heels of a recent update that Infinity Ward released for Modern Warfare. The update met with backlash for not addressing the various issues that the community continues to voice and for unintentionally adding even more problems to the mix. Obviously, these additional issues don't help matters any, and, as of this writing, the lack of hotfixes for them just serves to stir the pot.

Skill-based matchmaking, ludicrous spawns, and lackluster scoreboards are just some of the few issues the community has with Modern Warfare. Despite the recent update having over reportedly two pages of patch notes detailing it, none of the earlier mentioned issues see any recognition or changes put toward them. In fact, the patch exacerbates some of the existing problems. It would seem this whole situation could be diffused if Infinity Ward made a statement acknowledging these concerns, but it has yet to happen. Hopefully this silence changes in the near future.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.