Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players may have persuaded developer Infinity Ward to add a specific feature that's been much demanded since launch. Pre-launch, prospective Modern Warfare players heard via datamine that the game would only feature five custom loadouts. Frustrated at the idea, they hoped the final game would have more. Unfortunately, Modern Warfare did end up having just five custom loadout slots. But players are making it known that they want Infinity Ward to add more.

Co-design director Joe Cecot, a public face for Infinity Ward, recently responded to a constructive comment from a Modern Warfare player early Saturday morning. The player said they haven't had as much fun as they are having in Modern Warfare in years, but they have one problem. They want more custom loadout slots. Cecot replied that "It's a good request," acknowledging that fans want more loadouts, but stopped short of committing to it. "No news right now," he ultimately made clear.

The lack of custom loadouts is a major issue, but only so for Modern Warfare's most dedicated players. Five custom loadouts are as many as casual players will ever need, but hardcore Modern Warfare players want as many loadouts as possible so that they can fit their loadout into any given situation. It's an understandable request from vocal fans, but it is also understandable that Infinity Ward decided not to prioritize providing additional custom loadout slots.

Now that Modern Warfare is launched and Infinity Ward is focused on post-launch content, adding additional custom loadouts is within the realm of possibility. After all, past Call of Duty games almost universally offered up to 10 slots or more. It's entirely within reason to believe Infinity Ward could add more with relative ease. It just needs a mind to, which, according to Cecot's affirmation, it very much does.

If fans want more custom loadouts in Modern Warfare and Infinity Ward agrees it's a good idea, then the issue becomes what's holding Infinity Ward back. Obviously the company is capable of adding the feature, given that past games have always had more. So perhaps the question then is Infinity Ward knowing how to release more slots. Past games have let players earn them by prestiging. Others yet have charged money for them. It might be time for players to tell Infinity Ward how they'd best like new custom loadouts to be delivered, in addition to delivering them in the first place.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.