While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has seen immense success since it launched last month, the game has also had its own fair share of bugs and issues crop up. Players have dealt with everything from wonky spawn locations, overpowered weapons, a bug that negatively impacts weapon recoil, overly loud footsteps, and more. Thankfully, Infinity Ward has been fairly quick to release new patches and updates, though on occasion, new bugs can sneak into the experience.

The latest issues that Call of Duty Modern Warfare players have found is related to the multiplayer game ending Nuke killstreak. For players who are able to earn 30 eliminations without dying, they're supposed to get access to a game winning tactical nuclear strike. Obviously, staying alive through 30 kills is incredibly difficult so earning this should be a special moment for the player.

However, the latest bug that players are discovering is that hitting the 30 killstreak mark isn't triggering the tactical nuke event as expected. Reddit users have begun reporting that after getting to 30 consecutive kills without dying, the icon to use the nuke appears, though pressing the button to trigger it results in nothing happening. In fact, the game acknowledges the player attempting to use it, but throws a "killstreak cannot be used right now" message instead.

modern warfare brings back nuke killstreak

The issue appears to be linked to the 1.07 update the game received and some players have found a temporary solution to the activation issue. As one user put it, players who can't activate the killstreak should immediately die and call it in as soon as they respawn.

Many players have likened this issue to a similar bugged issue that happened to the E.O.D. perk which impacted a large amount of players. With it equipped, E.O.D. allows players to hack non-killstreak explosives like C4, claymores, and more. With the bug, players would start the hack process but it would immediately stop. As players noted, the game seemed to interpret the button hold process as a button press instead, preventing players from fully activating the hack. In some cases, hacking equipment with the E.O.D. perk may even be the cause of killstreaks no longer being activated.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.