Over the last few weeks, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been releasing updates, patches, and hot fixes in an effort to both balance gameplay and eliminate bugs. With Modern Warfare Season 1 right around the corner, developer Infinity Ward wants to get as much of the game running smoothly. However, sometimes one bug fix can lead to another, unexpected bug.

The latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bug is yet another weird spawn change. As the player in the video below tries to respawn, they find their viewing angle slanted, as if they were in the movie Inception.

It’s unclear what causes this bug, but it is quickly fixed after the player dies and respawns. At a glance it might seem like the player is simply mounting on a wall that doesn’t exist, but the slope is too steep for it to be just that. Rather, it appears that the camera has gone almost sideways.

The best explanation that one could come up with for the bug is that the player quickly mounted a wall before being killed by a Killstreak rocket. Perhaps the combination of the quick mount, moving out of it, and then the explosive kill led to some weird situation in-game.

Since this is the first known report of the weird “Inception bug” so it can’t be that prevalent. Nevertheless, Infinity Ward will likely end up looking at things to make sure that it isn’t a regular occurrence for players.

One bug that was a major headache involved Modern Warfare's spawn system, which would oftentimes put players in close proximity to opponents. IW issued a fix and things seem to be running a lot better, although one player did find that the spawn system seemed to want to kill them with a large fall.

As mentioned, Infinity Ward is working towards balance in time for Season 1 of Modern Warfare on December 3rd. The first season will include new weapons, new/returning multiplayer maps, and a full Battle Pass for players to unlock items. In the past, much of this content would be included with a Season Pass, but Activision is offering everything in Season 1 for free this time around.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.