Call of Duty: Modern Warfare adding a battle royale mode, in one form or another, is an inevitability. Rumors and datamines regarding a Modern Warfare battle royale have been spread online for months prior to the game's launch. With the game's launch, Modern Warfare players have simply been waiting for the expected announcement, which has yet to materialize. Unwilling to wait, it seems another leak is in order. But this leak is significantly more substantial than those which came prior.

The leak has some major new information about Modern Warfare's battle royale mode, if it proves accurate. For example, the battle royale mode supposedly features a 200-player cap, making it one of the largest battle royale modes ever made. The map, fittingly, is huge. It includes within it all of the maps for Spec Ops Operations and Ground Wars. All in all, it's about three times as large as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's Blackout battle royale map.

Other information shared by the leaker includes details about the Modern Warfare battle royale mode's various map zones and points of interest. It also reveals that the mode has playlists for Solo, Duos, and 4-player Squads, potentially allowing players a range of options not even available in certain battle royale titles like Apex Legends. Otherwise, there's confirmation of genre staples like a shrinking circle that will damage and some sort of "Last Stand" to wrap up a round.

One final aspect of the battle royale mode worth mentioning is something called Missions. Missions can be looted in-game by finding an item called a tablet, but only one Mission can be activated at a time. These Missions include various tasks, like collecting crates, eliminating a specific player, traveling to somewhere in a certain time, and more. Completing a mission will provide "Consolation Plunder." Plunder can be converted into XP, but only by converting it at an in-game ATM machine.

leaked battle royale map

The Modern Warfare battle royale leak reveals plenty more about the mode beyond what's been listed. There are details about loot, including a loot rarity system and inventory space. Armor, helmets, backpacks, and more are confirmed to be included as loot. It's a bona fide battle royale mode. The only notably absent detail is just when the battle royale mode might be announced for Modern Warfare, or better yet when it might release.

The leaker of this information is known within the Modern Warfare community as a dataminer, their information routinely accurate. This info should be considered semi-reliable into shown to be otherwise. But, as ever, given that it's pre-release information, all of it is subject to change or even outright cancelation. Until Activision confirms it, best be patient.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit