The recently released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may be getting all the attention from Call of Duty fans lately, but Call of Duty Mobile is still going strong. The game is nearing the end of its first season of content, and will soon be adding a major new game mode that fans have been waiting for since launch. Yes, we now know when Call of Duty Mobile's Zombies mode will be added to the game.

The official Call of Duty Mobile Twitter account made the announcement, confirming that the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies release date is November 22. Unfortunately, further information on what Call of Duty Mobile Zombies will entail are unavailable at the time of this writing. It's possible that the Zombies mode will be a mobile version of Zombies from the main games, but it's also possible that it will be something a little different.

There's been some speculation that the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies mode will be more like a linear campaign as opposed to the wave-based Zombies from other games. Luckily, fans only have to wait until next Friday, November 22 to find out for sure what Call of Duty Mobile Zombies will entail.

The addition of Call of Duty Mobile Zombies will come just a few days before Battle Pass Season 2 begins on November 25. This means that Call of Duty Mobile fans have a ton of new content to look forward to next week, including brand new cosmetics, challenges, and more. It remains to be seen if Zombies will be included in the weekly or daily Battle Pass challenges, but it would give some much-needed variety to the proceedings.

Right now, Call of Duty Mobile is in the middle of a few different events - Sniper Only, Molotov Cocktail, and Weapon Mastery (double weapon XP for multiplayer). So there is quite a bit going on in the game for fans to check out while they wait for Call of Duty Mobile Zombies to release on November 22.

Reception to Call of Duty Mobile has been largely positive since the game's launch. In our own Call of Duty Mobile review, we praised the game for being a sort of "greatest hits" of Call of Duty maps, and hopefully that high level of quality is seen in the Zombies mode as well.

Call of Duty Mobile is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.