The first major update for Call of Duty Mobile since it’s absurdly successful release will be launching tomorrow. One of the significant features that will make an appearance is the fan-favorite game mode Zombies, and Call of Duty Mobile’s official Twitter account has tweeted the exact times the game mode will go live for fans.

The update will also bring some other features and quality of life changes to the game as well, such as the return of controller support — which was initially removed — and a fan-favorite map. The release time for the update itself will be at 9 PM PT tomorrow.

The Zombies game mode, however, will release at different times and on different days (the 22 and the 23). The tweet announcing this displayed the danger of the zombie plague sweeping the world map to the words “the horde is coming.” The map itself showed precise locations and listed the times that Zombies will go live for each one of them.

Los Angeles will be the only location to get it on the 22, receiving it at 21:00 PST. The mode will go live for everyone else on the 23. New York, for instance, will receive it at 00:00 EST. San Paulo will be able to play it at 2:00 BRT. London will get it at 5:00 GMT. It’ll drop for Stockholm and Berlin at 6:00 CET. For Moscow, it will be available at 8:00 MSK. New Delhi can look forward to playing it at 10:30 IST. Sydney will have it at 16:00 AEDT, and finally, Tokyo can battle the undead at 14:00 JST.

With this update, the release of Zombies should be the final mode added before the Battle Pass Second Season kicks off on November 25. How exactly Zombies will play is still a mystery, though. Call of Duty Mobile hasn’t released any actual gameplay details for the mode since announcing it. The most likely scenario will be that it’s a wave-based survival game type, where players will have to kill as many waves as possible before inevitably succumbing to them (that's how it usually works). However, some suspect that Zombies could be something of a very linear campaign mode. It’s also unknown whether or not the mode will be a permanent addition — which is something most fans are hoping for — or something like Free-for-All. Luckily there’s only a day left for the community to find out.

Call of Duty Mobile is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.