Just like its console brethren, Call of Duty: Mobile continues to receive new updates which has helped the title continue to pull in new players and revenue. In the first week alone, the game managed to achieve 100 million downloads thanks to it being completely free to play. Following the Halloween update, a new update is on the horizon with a highly requested game mode.

In the most recent community update post, Activision reveals the highly requested Zombies mode is finally coming to Call of Duty: Mobile. While slim on details, the update pushes players to stay up to date on the game's social networks to prepare for new screenshots, trailers, and more. The post reveals that the mode will be at player's fingertips before they know it, hinting that Zombies will be launching soon.

The update also contains a few other tidbits including a new events schedule for the month of November. Some important dates include a Free for all mode and challenge that arrived yesterday on November 8 as well as a double weapon experience event for Battle Royale that's running this weekend only.

The post also goes on to confirm controller support is nearly complete and will be added to the game soon. The new feature is currently undergoing its final testing phase and how it'll work with matchmaking.

The November 8 update brought back Free for all back for the second time since the game originally launched. While many fans debate the this should be a permanent game mode, for now, they'll need to go to the features tab to find free for all as it likely won't be available from the normal game modes list under multiplayer.

Call of Duty Mobile is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: Reddit