There's no shortage of holiday events currently taking place in many games these days including the Halloween of Terror in Overwatch, Fight or Fright in Apex Legends, and the Haunted Hallows of Rocket League. Call of Duty Mobile burst onto the crowded mobile scene last month, smashing all kinds of big records formerly held by Fortnite. Even though the shooter is still new, a new Halloween-themed event has kicked off for the next 11 days. Here's everything that's new tot he massive popular game.

As detailed in a new blog post from Activision, players who log in to Call of Duty Mobile at any time during the length of the event will score a free camo for the Arctic.50 sniper rifle which features plenty of bat symbols. In addition, the in-game shop and Lucky Draw will be featuring limited-time only Halloween customization items such as Zombie Gene weapon camo, Trick-or-Treat skins, and more.

From a gameplay perspective, the classic map Standoff from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been reimagined for a limited time. The map is now set at night and completely outfitted for Halloween with jack-o-lanterns placed all over the streets as well as purple and orange lighting. Upon being defeated, players drop Pumpkin ID cards which can be collected and redeemed for special event rewards. Rewards include more cosmetic items such as the pumpkin head weapon skin and bat-camo parachute for the Battle Royale mode.

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Finally, the Sparrow bow with its blast arrows is now available to use as an Operator Skill for Multiplayer. Longtime Black Ops players may remember this item from the character Outrider. To earn it, players can complete various tasks, challenges, or Battle Royale matches to collect points that can be used to earn the newly added weapon. For help doing that, check out these Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks.

It's clear that Tencent and Acitvision intend to keep this game constantly updated with new things to do in order to keep the community engaged and playing. Already, the title has recieved multiple updates with new game modes like Gun Game and Free for All, though even more is apparently on the way. In a recent community update, developers revealed that controller support is currently being tested and continued to tease even more upcoming features. With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare set for launch later this week, perhaps a cross over event could also be in the works.

Call of Duty Mobile is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.