The wait is finally over for fans who have been looking forward to controller support returning to Call of Duty Mobile. Today at midnight EST, the Season 2 Update went live, reintroducing the feature into the game. It was absent from the title when it officially launched, which left some fans disappointed as it was available when the game was still in its beta stages.

Why exactly Activision stripped the support in the first place is still unknown, but it more than likely has something to do with "balancing issues." Activision commented about this when responding to fans' requests for the feature. In a community update, the company said it heard the community "loud and clear" and that TiMi Studios - the game's developer - was making sure that controller support was "properly implemented and balanced" first before release. Now the feature is back, tried and tested, and ready for fans to take advantage of it once more.

To activate controller support, players will need to enable their "controller setting" in-game before syncing their preferred wireless controller. Once they've done that, controller support will work with both the PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 and the Xbox One's official controllers, so players should be able to use their preference. However, the first generation of DualShock4 controllers are not compatible with this feature, so any players who planned to rely on those will have to use something else. Also, controllers will only be usable in matches, so players will not be able to navigate any menus with them. COD: Mobile is still a mobile game, after all.

It should be noted that the matchmaking system also changes whenever a player decides to use a controller. Basically, controller players can only match will other controller players. Matchmaking tends to be a big deal in Call of Duty, so fans wanting to use controllers should prepare for possibly affected matching wait-times and fluctuating lobby connections. This matching rule applies to parties as well, meaning if one player is using a controller, the whole party will match with other controller users, too.

Controller support wasn't the only fan-requested featured added to the game through the Season 2 Update either. The fan-favorite game mode of Zombies went live as well, and players can choose two different ways to play: Raid and Endless Survival. On top of that, there are new ways for players to log into their account (Google Play and Game Center), new content for players to take advantage of (daily clan missions, and clan ranking systems), a new map (Summit), and some Battle Royale mode updates (new areas).

Source: Reddit