Call of Duty Mobile released on October 1 for both iOS and Android mobile platforms, and prior to the release of the game, controller support was a part of the COD mobile shooter. The decision to add controller support met with a positive response as fans of the franchise wanted more familiar controls for the game. Now, Activision has removed controller support from Call of Duty Mobile with the latest update.

As seen in the previous leak, controller settings were available in the game’s pre-release testing version; however, Activision’s support team confirmed on Twitter that controller support was removed with a recent update to Call of Duty Mobile. It’s important to note that both Android and iOS versions of the game are affected by the update and controllers won’t work on either platform. There are some workarounds that allow users to map their touch controls to a controller, but using these workarounds can land players in trouble and potentially get their accounts banned.

Players who were excited about the controller support and wanted to connect PS4 or Xbox One controllers to the game will have to wait until Activision re-adds controller support or release any details regarding the feature. So far, the support team has been vague with their responses. Some players have been asking if controller support will be added with a future update, but developers haven’t confirmed anything at all. It looks like players will have to use the touchscreen controls for the time being until there is an official word from Activision.

call of duty mobile controller settings

Call of Duty Mobile is developed by Tencent’s Timi Studio and brings together the entire Call of Duty franchise into a single mobile game. Fans of the franchise will quickly recognize some of the popular maps, modes, and characters from across the series, including the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. Call of Duty Mobile also includes a massive battle royale mode with 100-players and can be played in third-person or first-person mode.

Call of Duty Mobile is available now for iOS and Android.