The next update for Call of Duty Mobile will set players free from the limits of their devices' touchscreens. In a news bulletin posted on the game's official subreddit, Activision confirmed that the game will receive support for controllers on Android and iOS with an imminent patch.

Call of Duty Mobile's initial beta release over the summer included controller support for the on-the-go adaptation of the high-octane FPS series, but the capabilities were dropped when Activision opened access to all players for the game's full launch in October. Players with access to the beta were left unsure of the publisher's plans for the feature until it was confirmed to return at an unspecified date.

Activision asked fans to stay tuned for updates while they tested and balanced controller support for COD Mobile, and the wait is finally over. The feature is set to return this weekend alongside a major content update for the title, with the patch rolling out for Android and iOS at 12 a.m. EST on November 23.

Activision hasn't released a list of controllers that will work with the mobile shooter, but both platforms have system-level support for their own dedicated controllers as well as Xbox One gamepads and the DualShock 4. Players can bet that Microsoft and Sony's weapons of choice will work perfectly with COD Mobile, but fans with less common options may have to wait to see how their hardware stacks up.

The new update for Call of Duty Mobile is also set to include the much-anticipated debut of the game's Zombies mode, bringing the console series' undead battles to mobile for the first time in eight years. More content on the way for the title includes the game's newest Battle Pass, set to launch on November 25, and a set of additional maps, including an adaptation of Summit from Black Ops 2.

Call of Duty Mobile isn't the first time Activision has made an effort to translate the success of its frag-fest into an experience for players' pockets, but it has proven to be the most successful one yet thanks to the triple-A production values pumped in by the publisher and developer TiMi Studios. The Game Rant review gave the title four stars, with reviewer Dalton Cooper praising the game for "giving Call of Duty fans plenty of content wrapped in a package that works well with minimal hoop-jumping or other irritations that tend to plague mobile games."

With two major fan demands coming to the title incredibly soon, it looks like the series' most hardcore fans will finally have the complete Call of Duty experience to take with them anywhere.

Call of Duty Mobile is out now for Android and iOS.

Source: Call of Duty Mobile on Reddit