So far, Call of Duty Mobile has proven to be a smash hit for Activision. The game has broken first-week records for mobile games, and it has even earned strong reviews from the community and critics alike. To keep fans engaged with the game, the developers have released its first limited-time mode, which is the classic Call of Duty game mode Free-for-All.

While some may argue that Call of Duty Mobile should have Free-for-All permanently, at least they can try it out over the course of the coming week. Call of Duty Mobile's Free-for-All mode is live in the game now and will be available until next Friday, giving players the chance to put their skills to the test without any assistance from teammates.

To play Call of Duty Mobile Free-for-All, players need to select the standard multiplayer mode. However, if they click on Game Modes, they may notice that Free-for-All isn't one of the options. What they need to do next is click on the Featured tab above the standard multiplayer game modes, and that's where they will find Free-for-All. Free-for-All doesn't let players select specific maps they want to play, so Call of Duty Mobile just need to start matchmaking to get into a game.

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Since Call of Duty Mobile is a live service-style game, we know that it will have frequent updates in the future that will add even more to the experience. Some of these updates will actually be permanent additions to Call of Duty Mobile, though, and not just limited-time modes like Free-for-All. For example, the home screen in Call of Duty Mobile teases a Zombies mode, though more details on what that will entail are unavailable at the time of this writing.

It's also possible that future updates will add more maps for the Call of Duty Mobile battle royale mode. The fact that the map in the Call of Duty Mobile battle royale mode is named and in a box similar to the standard multiplayer maps seems to suggest that more could be in the works. Of course, it will likely be quite some time before Call of Duty Mobile adds a new battle royale map, if ever, so fans shouldn't hold their breath.

In the meantime, Call of Duty Mobile fans can play Free-for-All from now until around this time next week. As we noted, in our Call of Duty Mobile review, the game is quite fun, so those interested may want to check it out while Free-for-All is still live.

Call of Duty Mobile is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.