With Destiny 2: Shadowkeep having launched when calendars around the world flipped to October, Destiny 2 developer Bungie is evidently keen to cash in on the increased attention by opening pre-orders for a unique, if unexpected, collaboration with popular shoeware producer Palladium Boots.

Pre-orders for the exclusive set of collaboration shoes will begin tomorrow, with Bungie hyping up the release of the limited edition boot by making a post on Twitter It's not yet known when the Bungie / Palladium Boots collaboration will actually ship to consumers, but it's certainly a unique item that might interest the more hardcore Destiny fans out there.

The core of the shoe itself seems to be based off of Palladium's existing Pallabrouse Baggy high-cut design, with the Destiny collaboration featuring a few unique emblems from the game atop of a  sleek gray design. Bungie has yet to reveal the price of the limited edition shoe, though the standard Pallabrouse Baggy designs seem to run around $100. This one will likely be a little more, though - it is space-themed, after all. At the very least, expect it to cost less than the insanely expensive Fallout 76 jacket, and hopefully, it'll be worth the cost to consumers.

For its part, Palladium Boots has quite the history: the same company that's now selling astronaut gray Destiny boots got its start by producing airplane tires in the roaring '20s, and somehow transitioned into footwear after World War Two. One guesses that if someone told the company's founder that they'd eventually be selling space-themed shoes for the first-person MMO Destiny 2's fourth expansion, well, they'd have no idea what was just said - but it probably wouldn't be what they were expecting.

For those more interested in seeing Destiny in the digital world, a recent video showing three talented players giving the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep final raid boss the boot is certainly worth a watch. Shadowkeep features a full-length campaign, two new PVE strike missions, and a brand-new PVP crucible map.