Earlier this week, Destiny 2 players gained access to the new Pit of Heresy dungeon and the Xenophage exotic heavy machine gun quest. While the former is challenging in its own right, the latter is a sizeable time commitment and can be tough for even max level Guardians. But the most disappointing element is how lackluster the Xenophage exotic heavy machine gun is.

As it turns out, the Xenophage exotic heavy machine gun is not intentionally disappointing. Confirmed by Bungie Community Manager Cozmo, the new Destiny 2 exotic is not performing as intended and the developers are investigating.

Some Destiny 2 players might assume “not performing as intended” means that the Xenophage is supposed to deal precision damage when hitting a crit spot on an enemy. However, Cozmo confirmed that the weapon is not supposed to deal precision damage. That is not a bug but the damage overall could be.

"Xenophage not doing precision damage is not a bug. The weapon underperforming is not intentional and currently being investigated."

For those that might not have seen the Xenophage, it features limited ammo but deals big damage per shot. By firing explosive rounds, the heavy machine gun has no damage drop-off but it can’t hit precision shots. So compared to most power weapons, Xenophage deals far less damage, it offers less ammo, and it’s difficult to hit fast consecutive shots on smaller targets. And in PvP Crucible, the weapon only gets three shots per power ammo pickup, but it takes two shots to eliminate a Guardian. Compared to Leviathan’s Breath, which is still not a great exotic but can one hit kill to the body, the Xenophage is a weak option for the power weapon slot.

xenophage heavy machine gun

How soon Bungie might address the Xenophage underperforming is unclear. There are other more pressing matters for the developer to attend to, including the Izanagi’s Burden exotic sniper rifle quest still having issues despite Bungie issuing a “fix” with this week’s reset.

A bugged exotic quest might not be as big of an issue if Izanagi’s Burden wasn’t such a strong exotic weapon and one of the best DPS options for the PvE. It stands in contrast to Xenophage, which players can acquire if they are prepared for the Pit of Heresy dungeon, but is not worth the effort.

At best Bungie might offer what changes it plans to introduce to Xenophage to make it better, but at the very least players can work on trying to complete the Xenophage exotic quest. Hopefully, by the time most players get the quest completed, they will at least know how the weapon will improve.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit