One of Nintendo’s classic franchises and a staple of the Nintendo DS, Brain Training is making its Switch debut on December 27th in Japan. Not only is the game the first entry in the franchise since 2013’s Brain Age: Concentration Training (or Dr. Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused? In Japan), this newest iteration of Nintendo’s mathematic based game series comes with a number of Switch-exclusive features and a new accessory.

Revealed in two recent trailers on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, Brain Training looks to include some of the series most advanced systems yet. One feature allows players to answer questions through the Joy-Con’s motion detectors, the controller analyzing how many fingers the user is holding up and using the result to answer questions quickly and effectively. It also appears as though a lot of the game will see the Switch being held vertically, the player answering mathematical problems as if writing in a book.

There’s a new tool to help players interact with this portion of the game as well. In accordance with this iteration of Brain Training, Nintendo is releasing a new stylus that can be used to circle answers, write numbers and generally interact with Brain Training’s new systems. Despite the Switch being a touch screen console, this is the first time Nintendo has released an official stylus outside of a Mario Maker pre-order bonus, so it’ll surely be a welcome entry to the Switch’s collection of handy accessories.

The game also appears to feature a multiplayer mode, allowing players to face off against one another in a series of brainteasers and mathematic trials. The trailer shows a mother and a son playing a game of rock, paper, scissors (using the Joy-Con’s motion detectors once again), while another scene displays the pair playing a counting game that sees them racing to calculate how many objects are on the screen. Other modes that appear to feature are sudoku, a piano-based game and a frantic math trial that tasks you with solving a list of equations as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, Brain Training’s current release date is only for its debut in Japan. Nintendo didn’t specify if or when the game would be making its way across seas to the rest of the world, but if the series' other entries are anything to go by, then it appears the game will eventually make the transition. Although, if this sequel's anything like the franchise's last iteration, we might be waiting for awhile. Brain Age: Concentration Age took five years to make its way to an international audience, so hopefully, this new iteration of the series will be a bit speedier.

Brain Training will release on Nintendo Switch in Japan on December 27th, 2019.